By Stuart Maister, Chief Storyteller, Strategic Narrative

The cliché that ‘change is the new constant’ suggests that we live in a permanent situation of chaos, uncertainty and revolution. That can’t be true as, if it were, no one would be able to function.

The truth is that change is usually evolution, not revolution. Sometimes this is genuine transformation. Other times it’s simply fast development.

However, what’s more true than ever is that we’re having to evolve faster and with a strong sense of direction and urgency. I call that the narrative of change – a story that the leadership all agree with, that everyone understands and is grounded in truth, not just pie in the sky visioning. It needs to be specific, real but also exciting.

Here is my 4th video in a series on transformational leadership – and it addresses the Narrative of Change. It takes less than 5 minutes to watch.

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