Stuart Maister is the person behind Strategic Narrative.

After a successful 10 year career as a TV and radio reporter for the BBC, Sky and ITN, Stuart formed his first storytelling business. That was an award winning company that pioneered TV PR, winning awards and eventually being sold to a US company.

Stuart has now spent twenty years working with large organisations on their storytelling for marketing, sales, corporate communications, PR, employee engagement and investor relations. He has worked around the world and across all industries, but more recently has focused on B2B firms, especially in the technology and professional services sectors.

Stuart hosts awaydays and workshops with leadership of large companies. He is also an experienced chair for large conferences, events and round tables.

Stuart leads all the projects here at Strategic Narrative, so you’ll always have his direct involvement in your project.

Stuart energised our partner’s awayday with a dynamic, challenging workshop that helped everyone think through their own story. Kingston Smith has already transformed its culture and approach to the marketplace, and this session really helped us think through how we now need to translate those changes into real client benefits that we can easily communicate.

This did much more than create a real buzz at the event. It ensured partners focused on how we look from a client’s persepctive and what really makes a difference in the marketplace. Stuart linked this closely to our business strategy and ensured that the different teams were able to develop their own story. This helped frame the rest of our discussions.

I would recommend Stuart as a compelling speaker at any professional event.

Maureen Penfold, Managing Partner, Kingston Smith

Adrian Dent is an Associate of Strategic Narrative, working with Stuart in carrying out research, consulting and writing and producing branded content that brings to life the Narrative.

Adrian began his career in advertising, working for top agencies, including Grey, Publicis and Delaney Fletcher, on blue-chip companies such as Boots, Chrysler, CPC, GSK, Kraft, and Mars. He helped come up with the idea behind Macleans Milk Teeth and was responsible for launching Mars Ice Creams across Europe, when based in Paris.

In 1995, he set up his own consultancy and has since helped a wide range of organisations all over the world with strategic, branding and communicational challenges.

0203 283 8665

130 Old Street, London EC1V 9BD