Our proven process has been developed by former BBC reporter and experienced business leader, Stuart Maister, who leads all of our projects. It is based on a hard edged, journalistic approach combined with a  background of working with a wide variety of businesses.

Getting your story right isn’t a quick fix. It needs to draw on the wisdom, experience and opinions of your leadership, colleagues and even clients to achieve optimum results.

The process involves in-depth one on one interviews with these key people, then the preparation of a challenging and dynamic leadership workshop designed to produce the first draft of your Strategic Narrative. At the same time, it will help your leadership focus on the big ideas that underpin the business, and our experience suggests this has real value at a time of a strategic review or launch of a new proposition.

We will then take away the big ideas from the workshop and develop for you:

A headline

A headline which grabs attention and sums up the story

The 100-word story

4 paragraphs that everyone can understand, that get to the heart of the story and give everyone an elevator pitch that works.

3-4 narrative themes

The big ideas that will drive your sales and marketing and identify the distinctive issues for which you want to be famous

The evidence

Some of the key facts and figures that support the story

We can then work with you to embed this narrative and improve storytelling across the business

How to differentiate in a crowded marketplace: a 4 step approach

“As a major global organisation the ACCA needs to have a clear story in everything it does to engage diverse audiences.  What we do is complex and needs to be turned into sharp, simple big ideas that cut through in a noisy world.
That’s why we work with Stuart Maister. He has worked with the ACCA on multiple projects, the latest focused on our new qualifications. We welcome his ability to challenge us, rethink how we frame our communications and to define what leadership looks like in our marketplace. He brings wide insight gained from many different sectors and new ideas that refresh our thinking.
His journalistic background comes through in the way he helps us articulate a strategic narrative which the team can get  behind because it hits home.  The ACCA is developing the professional accountants the world needs, and Stuart helps us make sure we are bold in the way we communicate that.”

Harry McAdoo, Director of Brand and Corporate Reputation, ACCA

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