Our consultancy service delivers the creation of your Strategic Narrative from start to finish.

Getting your story right isn’t a quick fix. It needs to draw on the wisdom, experience and opinions of your leadership, colleagues and even clients to achieve optimum results.

Our Consultancy process involves in-depth one on one interviews with these key people, then the preparation of a challenging and dynamic leadership workshop designed to produce the first draft of your Strategic Narrative.

When Arup decided to strengthen our reputation as Digital leaders, we turned to Strategic Narrative to help us define and articulate a clear story. Stuart worked closely with our leadership team, ran a challenging and provocative workshop and brought real insights, experience and ideas to the table. He helped us create a simple, powerful narrative around a few big ideas that cut through complexity and reflect our distinctive position.

Stuart’s mix of journalism, insight and production experience means he can work with our most senior leaders as he continues to engage with us on embedding ‘storytelling’ across the Firm.

Karim Emara, Chief Marketing Officer, Arup

0203 283 8665

130 Old Street, London EC1V 9BD