“Like getting an astronomy lesson from Galileo.”

That’s how the EMENA Chair of the International Association of Business Communicators described Stuart Maister’s workshop at the Leadership Institute, and here’s a short video showcasing the key moments from the session.

The IABC is a global body that seeks to enhance the reputation of its members and build the profile of professional communication. One of the ways it does this is to offer high level training and conferences to showcase best practice and the latest thinking.

The workshop took place in Vilnius, Lithiuania in September 2018. After the workshop, the IABC EMENA Chairman Mike Klein said this:

“Attending a session with Stuart Maister on telling one’s story is kind of like getting an astronomy lesson from Galileo in that he puts the Sun at the centre.  Not Galileo’s galactic sun, but the storytelling principles of England’s notorious Sun newspaper which has held the rapt attention of the UK’s tabloid readers for decades immemorial.

Stuart makes those principles accessible for even the most content-centric or even ego-centric folks around, and by the end of his session, you can tell he’s made a tangible difference.  For me, the difference was a tangible, replicable framework for constructing stories that don’t only capture people’s attention, but allow for the effective delivery of substantive or difficult messages.  Well worth the price of admission.”