We can help you have bigger, better conversations with key accounts

Just as employees need a vision of the future, and a sense of purpose and mission, so do major clients. Simply servicing them is not enough, especially when you’re trying to win their business. Developing a focused and exciting narrative of the future can be critical.

When you have this, changing how your team engages those clients, bringing the narrative to life with their behaviours and approach, can make a massive difference to the value and retention of that account. 

How can we help ?

Working with your account teams we can help them tell a much bigger story to their client, based on their ambitions and your strengths. This is about them developing a stronger pitch and better storytelling skills, connecting firmly to the ambitions and strategy of the client.

In some cases we can work with them, together with their client,  to develop a shared narrative. This is a powerful form of co-creation that demonstrates your commitment to listening to them as well as bringing your own insights.

In others we can develop and chair round tables to enable your team to explore with clients their vision and strategy. In this collaborative environment you can create revenue opportunities but also deepen the relationship based on conversation, not selling. Having an independent, business-savvy chair of the session will make it much more powerful.

A new programme of transformational account leadership

We have now launched a new programme which will transform the way your account teams approach and engage their important clients. This focuses on their beliefs and intentions, and is based on a highly successful programme developed with a global professional services firm.

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Key account leadership: getting the story right with major customers

“Key clients deserve and require a customised approach. They need to know we care and they are special.  That’s why we retained Strategic Narrative to work with us on a major account, so that we could develop with them a new story about how Skanska would address their needs in a distinctive way.

Stuart interviewed leaders from both Skanska and the client, bringing along the way real insight and asking questions that forced us to think hard about how we were special and great for this client. He then ran a powerful workshop in which the leadership from both sides were open, engaged and focused. This has led to much greater understanding on both sides and concrete actions that will deepen the relationship. Of course this will result in new opportunities for Skanska.

Skanska is building a new narrative with this key client and I would recommend Strategic Narrative as partners in this process.”

Jonathan Webster, Director, Skanska