Your business is changing. The market is transforming before your eyes. You have a new strategy.

But everyone is still telling their own story in the same way they have always done.

We will help you change that. We will help you truly engage the people you need to reach.

Strategic Narrative is developed using a methodology that has been developed by former BBC reporter Stuart Maister.

Working with executive management, we create a new story that enables customers to understand why and how the firm or service is great for them, engages staff and colleagues around an exciting set of ideas and ensures everyone in the business is facing in the same direction.

The outcome is to provide clarity about your positioning, leadership in the marketplace or within your business and alignment of all of your team.

Stuart has a talent for working with senior leaders among our clients who are looking to communicate a different corporate story. In our workshops and interviews, he challenges their assumptions tactfully and intelligently; he then brings his own experience, expertise and creativity to helping them identify a new narrative, thus bringing client both leadership and market differentiation in a noisy world.

Andrew Caesar-Gordon, Managing Director Electric Airwaves

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