When you get the firm’s leaders together that time needs to count.

Stuart Maister can feature as a keynote speaker or lead a strategic workshop with your team.

Our workshops and awaydays are high energy, challenging and interactive sessions that ensure the leadership focuses on what really matters to the people they are trying to reach – customers, clients, employees or investors.

The focus is on achieving your objectives for the session with compelling, real world results.

By using Stuart to lead your workshop or awayday, your team are better able to focus on the issue before them – whether that is the new strategy, how the firm differentiates itself in the marketplace or a major change programme that needs to land quickly.

By the end of the session they will have a first draft of the story and articulated the big ideas on which they need to focus.

You want everyone to be on the same page. This session will write the page.

See Stuart in action – click on video below

This 4 minute video contains some of the key ideas in the Leadership Workshop.

Stuart energised our partner’s awayday with a dynamic, challenging workshop that helped everyone think through their own story. Kingston Smith has already transformed its culture and approach to the marketplace, and this session really helped us think through how we now need to translate those changes into real client benefits that we can easily communicate.

This did much more than create a real buzz at the event. It ensured partners focused on how we look from a client’s persepctive and what really makes a difference in the marketplace. Stuart linked this closely to our business strategy and ensured that the different teams were able to develop their own story. This helped frame the rest of our discussions.

I would recommend Stuart as a compelling speaker at any professional event.


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