Vision. Purpose. Value proposition. Particularly at times of change, these need to connect together into a single narrative that provides strategic clarity and an aligned leadership.

A new CEO…the beginning of major growth or investment…a time of strategic review…a major change programme…a response to changes in the marketplace…a new product or service – these are all moments of transformation when it is critical to have a clear narrative that sets out a story that everyone understands, can get behind and believe.

A key part of this is to be clear on how you can lead your market, what you stand for and how you are distinctive, special and great. Without this you are no different from your competitors, not connected to the trends that impact your customers, and at risk of being overtaken.

This is where we can help. Working with you to define this narrative, write it in a way that is compelling and then identifying how to communicate it to your customers, employees and investors. 

Former BBC reporter Stuart Maister has developed a method and approach to consult with firms looking to make a step change. He and his associates can coach leaders on their own story and lead workshops and events in a way that defines a clear and agreed story. This is the Strategic Narrative.  

When Arup decided to strengthen our reputation as digital leaders, we turned to Strategic Narrative to help us define and articulate a clear story…Stuart’s mix of journalism, insight and production experience means he can work with our most senior leaders as he continues to engage with us on embedding ‘storytelling’ across the Firm.



Wherever you bite a Brighton Rock, the words are at its centre. In the same way, your Strategic Narrative should be at the heart of everything you do and say.

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For me, the difference was a tangible, replicable framework for constructing stories that don’t only capture people’s attention, but allow for the effective delivery of substantive or difficult messages.

Mike Klein, EMENA Chairman, International Association of Business Communicators


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